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2016 – Grants for projects programs are now available. For details, please visit the Arkansas Arts Council  link.


AIE Arts Curriculum Project

Awarded to help support special projects that foster the inclusion of the arts in school curriculum. Arts in Education Roster artists or outside consultants may be used to provide special expertise.

AIE After-School/Summer Residency

Places professional artists in residencies outside the school environment, school day or school year. The settings include after-school and summer programs and can be located in community centers, low income housing projects, juvenile facilities, social service centers, parks/recreation programs, boys and girls clubs and other community-based or governmental organizations and institutions.

AIE Arts for Lifelong Learning Mini-Grants

Short-term residencies of up to 10 days where professional artists listed on the AIE roster provide hands-on arts activities for adult populations in community-based or governmental organizations and institutions. An in-service workshop may also be included in the mini-residency program.

AIE In-School Residency Program

Places professional artists in residencies during the school day or school year at specific school sites or in conjunction with other not-for-profit community or government organizations and institutions. These residencies may last from 10 days to the entire school year.

AIE Mini-Grants

The Arts in Education Mini-Grants are short-term residencies of up to 10 days where professional artists provide curriculum-based arts activities in a school environment or other location, or provide a teachers’ professional development workshop. Artists must be selected from the Arts in Education Artist Roster.


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Happy New Year from Neverlands in 2014 !

Best Wishes and Prosperity in Mind, Body and Most of all Spirit!

Illustration by Teddi Rutchman

Illustration by Teddi Rutschman

Poetry of Youth by Laura Botsford

Oh that when the doors of midnight swings open, that the threshold of a prosperous new year be shown

With  wondrous places, belief and recognition that all our childhood fairs have known

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Whispering Spring Musical- April 29th-2013

The play is a tremendous success! The children were fabulous and best of all, everyone that came to see it felt the hope of spring.  There will be DVD’s available soon of the performance, so reserve your copy in the school office or on my website. Here is a little preview of the opening song.

Whispering Spring Musical-2013 Portland Elementary

Whispering Spring Musical-2013 Portland Elementary

2013- Press Release- March 6th-

Whispering Spring

Natural Sister

Arriving soon in the regal rural area in Southeast Arkansas is a project called, Whispering Spring. It plans to be an original play by the Students of Portland Elementary in the Spring, under the direction of Laura Botsford.
Original music by Laura Botsford.

Frozen in Spring

We are silent, like snow in winter, falling gently down from clouds  above us

Lost in a sea-son so cold with reasons to be sad with our smiles lying on the ground

They are waiting in the earth a-round us; they are waiting to bloom with rain.

We are the voices of all spring’s hope. We all remember nature’s song
Though you can’t see us we will soon surround you and change your tears into

The smiles where you be-long

We are just frozen in time just waiting for love to wake us, all once a-gain.

Come hold the hands of sun-rays forgiveness be kind to all in the words you say

The earth is waiting for you to shine like sun-light smell every rose a-long the way.

Instrumental:  Come feel the joy of life that’s beginning; op-en the flower of all you are

(tag) The flower of all you are

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Portland Power Tales

Adventure Stories Written and Illustrated by Grades K – 6th. at Portland Elementary in Arkansas. 


Super Hero Book Of Adventures

$ 25.00    

 lulu.com  208 Pages, 7 adventures and 180 black and white illustrations for coloring.

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