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Neverlands News

2016 – Grants for projects programs are now available. For details, please visit the Arkansas Arts Council  link.


AIE Arts Curriculum Project

Awarded to help support special projects that foster the inclusion of the arts in school curriculum. Arts in Education Roster artists or outside consultants may be used to provide special expertise.

AIE After-School/Summer Residency

Places professional artists in residencies outside the school environment, school day or school year. The settings include after-school and summer programs and can be located in community centers, low income housing projects, juvenile facilities, social service centers, parks/recreation programs, boys and girls clubs and other community-based or governmental organizations and institutions.

AIE Arts for Lifelong Learning Mini-Grants

Short-term residencies of up to 10 days where professional artists listed on the AIE roster provide hands-on arts activities for adult populations in community-based or governmental organizations and institutions. An in-service workshop may also be included in the mini-residency program.

AIE In-School Residency Program

Places professional artists in residencies during the school day or school year at specific school sites or in conjunction with other not-for-profit community or government organizations and institutions. These residencies may last from 10 days to the entire school year.

AIE Mini-Grants

The Arts in Education Mini-Grants are short-term residencies of up to 10 days where professional artists provide curriculum-based arts activities in a school environment or other location, or provide a teachers’ professional development workshop. Artists must be selected from the Arts in Education Artist Roster.


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Imagine What Creative Writing Slides

Free writing slides for your class to get the juices flowing.

Posing questions and spark the imagination. Starting with a power point slide show is very effective. The age group for these slides is K through 5th grade.

Oftentimes music will aid in the imaginative process as well. Chose something that is in kinship for the project. Fast and action packed for adventure stories, slow and dreamy for fairy tales. Writing to classical songs can also spur the student to dramatize in a cinematic style.

Each class seems to set on a beat that appeals to them. So you might want to play a couple of songs and let them choose what the stories will be about and add them into the finished on line book or oral reading in a production.

I have even taken instrumentals and wrote lyrics for them to sing. In our Portland Elementary School Spring musical, Whispering Spring,  I wrote lyrics to Secret Garden’s, Frozen in Time; which by the way I am honored to say they liked very much.    There is much more I can share with you or your students if you are interested in a United Imaginations Workshop, feel free to visit my website to see all the wonderful things we can create together or contact me at laurabotsford@yahoo.com      website: Laura Botsford AIE 

Whats Your Story?

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Portland Power Tales

Adventure Stories Written and Illustrated by Grades K – 6th. at Portland Elementary in Arkansas. 


Super Hero Book Of Adventures

$ 25.00    

 lulu.com  208 Pages, 7 adventures and 180 black and white illustrations for coloring.

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