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summer 17 flyer


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Happy New Year from Neverlands in 2014 !

Best Wishes and Prosperity in Mind, Body and Most of all Spirit!

Illustration by Teddi Rutchman

Illustration by Teddi Rutschman

Poetry of Youth by Laura Botsford

Oh that when the doors of midnight swings open, that the threshold of a prosperous new year be shown

With  wondrous places, belief and recognition that all our childhood fairs have known

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Our upcoming summer is going to feature some programs for kids at the farmers market. recyle art, can planters, seed art and who knows. What is your idea?

Find us on facebook and give us a “Like” Be a friend and contribute your ideas and comments.

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Recycle wood art

Wooden scrap shapes were painted and arranged on a wooden board. This was a summer project for the Museum of Chicot County and Neverlands Inc.  Arts event. Neverlands offers free consulting to enhance your fund raiser, events and cultural history programs.

contact laurabotsford@yahoo.com

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I am starting a new section of this blog called, “The Heart of Art Matters” where I find inspiring and informative pieces on the importance of the arts in our daily lives. I welcome you to add your own ideas and comments. This is from Garrison Keillor’s wonderful book I received from my children for Christmas, “Good Poems for Hard Times.

“Our culture – Jazz especially, and movies – once united us, a point of pride, uniquely American, but school boards are slaughtering arts education on every hand programs are dead or dying that used to bus kids to hear an orchestra or see a play – children are cheated out of poetry and French and the cello-meanwhile, interscholastic football, the great passion of unhappy men, grows by leaps and bounds, and children are  conditioned for the passive life in which commercial trademarks become their insignia here in the United Corporations of America. You lie in a hotel bed at night, remote control in hand and surf a hundred channels of television, Weather, Golf, History, Shopping, Food, Disney, Rerun, Rerun 2 and 3, Cartoons, Movie, News, Fox News, and you can drift for hours among the flotsam and you will never see anything that shows that you are in Knoxville or Seattle or Santa Fe or Chicago and nobody will ever speak to you as straightforwardly and clearly as poetry does.

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